our . days . rest . in . peace . 131206

this is my best friend for life. Glozer, Yenti, 92. still missing you guys so much. so this is a collage of our wonderful moments together. I am playing the song we used to rap together. The moment we had our hand full of paper and the moment we lights the fireworks in the cold night. The moment we ran away from police. The moment we race on the street. The moment we were drunk. The moment we ride bicycle. The moment we climb out the front gate of our school. The moment we race on bike. The moment we had game until morning. The moment you guys came to save me from big big problems. The moment we talk until morning. the days we went out at night and do some really crazy shit. chase by police, pranks, all the days we gone crazy. That's was the greatest time i had during our young ages. that is so fucking great !

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