the crows family at my work place. taken at 4.30 p.m. actually there are more crows. but i don't know where they went to on saturday. nobody working and the restaurant is closed. no food for them so i think they went to one utama that area since they can fly and fly and fly fly fly.

stick together.


hug hug.




some people said the "flying" shot looks like very fake. but actually i was focusing other crow suddenly this crow fly by i just follow and shot. so it is lucky that i got it focused from that distance. still gotto learn how to capture moving objects.


been runnin' around with my olympus for 2 years. the very basic camera with some manual SLR setting. the main purpose of getting it is for assignment during college. but it just so fun that framing anything up and to keep just nice or to tell other meaning. taking and learning and testing and tesing again and again. i got 11000 pictures in my archives. 1 year i took 5500 pictures, i should take more this year but it has to be better one.

i think it is just like playing with anything. lights, shadow, shape, and also time into a single frame. sometimes i like high contrast, sometimes macro, sometimes people, sky, blur... i am happy that i got support from friends for my pictures. there are so many things may happen when you just go for a shoot, taking pictures in public places can get warning from security guards, people may think i am pervert taking girls picture (jules said i looks very hamsap when i taking photo) , i don't know why but i am just enjoying it.

sometimes i really afraid that while i am adjusting and focusing on the view finder, somebody take a knife and wait behind you, there are not asking us to take thier photo but they come to take our life or our money, but i hope he don't take my life and my camera. 1st, the life is very very important for me, i gotto do lots of thing for myself, family, love one and friends. 2nd, if they don't know how to use the camera then don't take la, it is expensive for me.

so i'll just pursuit hapiness and i'll keep taking and sharing the different angle of anywhere or anything i see which i think is nice. somebody told me to post it up set by set which is better way to present the pictures. colours and different mood i am just trying out. i just experiment it according to my feeling on it. so i will keep the advices from friends and experts and keep goin. thank you to the people who teaching and guiding me along.

framing kukup

so this is the set of the shots i taken for my kukup trip. basically it is the life and some interesting things & places i seen. i just can't stop my shuttle open & open again.

walk, talk, sleep, eat, shit on the floating ground. underneath is just the mud.

the path at the hutan bakau.

outside of thier home. basic.

where they rare the fishes. the income & food for the villagers.

old fisherman. couldn't get a closer shot, but i don't blame my camera.

on the boat 12/7.

little jelly fish.

balik rumah tong tong chiang.

the calm water & the sunset.

simple life & purest hapiness

they just got too much of fireworks during chinese new year.

jingle . bell

i know it is not christmas now. But i just saw this in my cousin's house. :)


chatter box aku terhilang. nav bar kat atas pun hilang. ku tahu banyak orang cuba mdnghilangkan nav bar tu. art director ku pun cuba tapi dia tak berjaya. sekarang aku punya blog sudah jadi gila gila. banyak gila. munggkin aku tidak memberi kasih and cukup untuk dia. kerana aku cuba memberi kasih aku kepada ---. sudah berapa kali aku cuba membaiki skript itu tetapi tidak berjaya dan aku tak tahu ape and yang berlaku? ape and terjadi kepada infrastruktur blog aku. aku berasa sugguh malu sebagai seorang multimedia designer. mengapa ini berlaku kepada ku ! pantat makenkor~~. ya alah. ni ya feeling aku. tolong la aku~

fireworks . garden

my fav piece . fireworks garden

vivid . flowers

some pretty flowers

light twister

let's twist the light

pink . staircase

pink staircase

kukup . 07

the trip after langkawi. kukup johor. with another group of friends. no repetition of previous group. this group somehow older or younger but no same age with me.we got 11 heads on this trip. it's a fishing village. small calm and peace. the experience is very diff because or the place and the living style.

my dear brother and ah yang. we ride around the town in the evening. feel like going back to 8 yrs old. whole group of buddies riding around.

so thier house is on this mud. i don't noe wat's called. so they shit pee and everything will go down below the house. the house is support by the pillars, they have thier own way to build it. bungalow, temple, and even a primary school. when people say you are in deep shit i can't imagine but i know if somebody fall into the mud. it's really in deep shit. we can see water or shit coming down from the house and drop on the mud sometimes when we pass by the house. quite like living in thailand.

we rent a house, fishing and relax in the afternoon. mok ti looks like never touch the eel, we call it water "snake". we fish from afternoon till night. i don't why all so suai all kena this fucking snake. we got 14 eels. somemore nobody wanna eat.

visit hutan paya on a small tiny sampan. if we don't sit in balance we'll drop into the river. but i never saw any crocodile.

everybody just going crazy all the time. everybody trying hard to write this wonderful moments in our history.

fishing, bbq, fireworks, biking, boat, boat & boat again. there are so many shot i took a, i'll post the scenery and lifestyle shot next time. so this is just for now.

old . school . unpimped

still old school but the unpimped version. original shot. looks so old and dirty but i can feel it is telling me " i am fucking old, i can't run anymore, go find young chicks ! if you take photo i'll fuck you or you better stay away !"

old . skool

" old skool "

this is a old car abandoned near my house so i just a shot before i leave my home for work so i try some experiment on the image :)

I N T P - The Thinker

well, i got this test from joey about some personal test to understand more about ourselves. so after the test and this is the result. there are very long text but i just copy the short one to post it here :) there are good and bad but it just a guide but everything still need to control and by us. it's our life, so just make the best for me and for you. So i am the thinker.

Here are some short points - Strengths

- They have a natural ability to focus and get "into the zone" when working on a problem. They can absorb their minds completely with an issue, and work it through with amazing speed and accuracy. This ability makes them outstanding trouble-shooters. Since their logical abilities are dependent on their experiences, their abilities will increase with time. INTPs with experience are often seen as the "gurus" of their professions.
- Their respect for precision in communication lends them the ability to accurately convey their ideas and discoveries in full.
- They are usually quite intelligent and can grasp difficult concepts.
- They are often jovial and good-natured, with a good sense of humor.
- They are not overly demanding in personal relationships, and have simple daily needs. They are often easy and enjoyable to live with.
- They may be exceptionally intelligent, and make ground-breaking discoveries.
With a well-developed understanding of their environment and the ability to act very quickly, they may good athletes.
- They're typically able to communicate their ideas more concisely than the average INTP without sacrificing accuracy.
- They understand the benefits of close relationships, and understand how to support and enhance these relationships.
- They see the value of principles that are not strictly logical
- They have attractive and compelling personalities, and are well-liked and accepted by most people.

Here are some short points - Problems

- The INTP gets "stuck in a rut" and only does those things that are known and comfortable to the INTP.
- The INTP resists and rejects anything that doesn't support their own experiential understanding of the world. If they perceive that something is not logical, they reject it as unimportant.
- They reject people who think or live differently than themselves.
- They may be extremely caustic and insulting to others.
- They may become isolated from society.
- They may become overly paranoid about social organizations and institutions trying to control them.
- They may unknowingly or uncaringly hurt people's feelings.
- They may be completely unaware of how to express their inner world to others in a meaningful way.
- They may be completely unaware of the type of communication that is often desireable and (to some degree) expected in an intimate relationship. If they are aware of the kinds of things that are appropriate to say and do to foster emotional bonding, they may be unable to appreciate the value of such actions. They may feel too vulnerable to express themselves in this fashion, and so reject the entire idea.
If pushed beyond their comfort level to form commitments or emotional bonds, they may reject a relationship entirely.
Under stress, they may show intense emotions that seem disproportionate to the situation.
- They may not recognize basic social principles, such as appropriate dress and general behavior.

When we are talking about this thing then joey ask about mine then i said i got the thinker. mm..the said i think too much that's why i can't gain weight, all the vitamin and nutrition went to the brain. i think so much also no use right, think but don't do it, it still like a mosquito that fly by but i never kill it.

It seems like more problems that Strenghts. But anyway i think most of it is quite accurate. Don't have to take it seriously but is good to learn something to become better. I have the link here so anybody like to check thier own shit out can play around with it.

The test -
The result -

okay that's it.