kukup . 07

the trip after langkawi. kukup johor. with another group of friends. no repetition of previous group. this group somehow older or younger but no same age with me.we got 11 heads on this trip. it's a fishing village. small calm and peace. the experience is very diff because or the place and the living style.

my dear brother and ah yang. we ride around the town in the evening. feel like going back to 8 yrs old. whole group of buddies riding around.

so thier house is on this mud. i don't noe wat's called. so they shit pee and everything will go down below the house. the house is support by the pillars, they have thier own way to build it. bungalow, temple, and even a primary school. when people say you are in deep shit i can't imagine but i know if somebody fall into the mud. it's really in deep shit. we can see water or shit coming down from the house and drop on the mud sometimes when we pass by the house. quite like living in thailand.

we rent a house, fishing and relax in the afternoon. mok ti looks like never touch the eel, we call it water "snake". we fish from afternoon till night. i don't why all so suai all kena this fucking snake. we got 14 eels. somemore nobody wanna eat.

visit hutan paya on a small tiny sampan. if we don't sit in balance we'll drop into the river. but i never saw any crocodile.

everybody just going crazy all the time. everybody trying hard to write this wonderful moments in our history.

fishing, bbq, fireworks, biking, boat, boat & boat again. there are so many shot i took a, i'll post the scenery and lifestyle shot next time. so this is just for now.

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