been runnin' around with my olympus for 2 years. the very basic camera with some manual SLR setting. the main purpose of getting it is for assignment during college. but it just so fun that framing anything up and to keep just nice or to tell other meaning. taking and learning and testing and tesing again and again. i got 11000 pictures in my archives. 1 year i took 5500 pictures, i should take more this year but it has to be better one.

i think it is just like playing with anything. lights, shadow, shape, and also time into a single frame. sometimes i like high contrast, sometimes macro, sometimes people, sky, blur... i am happy that i got support from friends for my pictures. there are so many things may happen when you just go for a shoot, taking pictures in public places can get warning from security guards, people may think i am pervert taking girls picture (jules said i looks very hamsap when i taking photo) , i don't know why but i am just enjoying it.

sometimes i really afraid that while i am adjusting and focusing on the view finder, somebody take a knife and wait behind you, there are not asking us to take thier photo but they come to take our life or our money, but i hope he don't take my life and my camera. 1st, the life is very very important for me, i gotto do lots of thing for myself, family, love one and friends. 2nd, if they don't know how to use the camera then don't take la, it is expensive for me.

so i'll just pursuit hapiness and i'll keep taking and sharing the different angle of anywhere or anything i see which i think is nice. somebody told me to post it up set by set which is better way to present the pictures. colours and different mood i am just trying out. i just experiment it according to my feeling on it. so i will keep the advices from friends and experts and keep goin. thank you to the people who teaching and guiding me along.


joey.khor said...

you've certainly got the creative streak in you dude. you can learn all the technicalities in the world man, but you gotta learn how to take charge of that creative streak to mold things into what you want, instead of letting it control and flow you to what it wants to be. learn how to not let it happen by accident and take control. let it come and don't rush it. i think you are doing a phat job man. and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. be bold but don't be stubborn. rock on dude. you got my vote!! this is not just words of encouragement, im just being honest and truthful!! you've come a long way, and you will go much more.

kaism said...

yeah i m 22 now. people are like very surprice in sg tat i m 22 workin' on hue's project. i still got lots to run. yea~~