my nephew

the first time i saw time is one month old and this shots are taken the 2nd time i saw him. my little nephew. so i am his uncle. i should go back more to see this little boy. nowdays i just like to take kids photos, wanna learn how to capture unexpected natural expression.

he is looking at my mum and my mum is trying to make him smile, he just look at her and don't smile. holding my focus for so long he just don't smile :(

the second day, another try out on baby shoot. i got sunlight now better than taking in house at night. he just trying to grap my lens.

this one is funny, sometimes they just looking around and showing this kinda face. i think i also got this kinda face in my baby photo.

it is very ramdom but i like when they just give us the one second smile and i waited some time and everybody try to make him smile.

this is the grandmother carrying the kid. i find nice to take baby crying because they just cry and it is quite easy compare with smile. whoever wanna try this just don't feed the baby then you can get it. but we do feed him la, he just cry with no reason :)

usually the photo i like the most i will put at the last one :) hope everybody enjoy.


gloomy day with gloomy mood. reading lots of post at maylyn's blog. kinda realize lots of stuff. feel like step back and see bad side and good side of wat's goin on everyday i passed. outside start raining and inside is freezing. like joey said i am angry kid when i was studying. they said i smile a lot these days. never been home for mother's day father's day and my parent birthday. the few second i look at the sky. it all pops up. i can't say "whatever". kak fizah told me i am 22 now, still got long way to go. but wat i get is not years, is seconds. i wanna make it good. now i realize what people been telling me when i was 8. i feel my clock is turbo charged, everyday is too short.


here i present another piece of insects friends of mine working on my window glass. added with some cross processing edits in PS :)

hop . per

this was last year. came into my room and posed on my monitor. about 2.5 inches. original color was bad because my room was dark. PS save a lot. yeah :)

don't move

u meet kaism today


(sesuatu petang) aku memang tak suka kawan ini, tapi tiap tiap kali kawan ni suka teman ku semasa tidur la, kerja la. Ada banyak kawau kat opits ku tapi tak cari mereka tapi aku sudah tidak dapat menawarkan darah secukupnya untuk aku sendiri. mengapa tidak cari buddha yang sedang tidur tu? dia tidak and menembak helicopter can sedang menerbang kat tempat ni. ni kawan memang bodoh tak baca buku tak tahu cari sumber - sumber yang benar. atau balik rumah ya itu kat bilik joey belajarlah sikit baru keluar cari kawan kan ? pada hari itu lah tragedi ni telah berlaku kat tangan kaism. kawan ni melanggar sebatang kayu selepas sarapan paginya. kesianny. report daripada kaism.

new . green

i dont't have a garden at my place. all this are from thier garden.

morning rains

curve's garden

morning delights

taken in singapore

lil bee

lil . insects . view

imagine we become a lil insect like mosquito, fly, spider, butterfly that flying around the staircase. but we still can see some colors of this world.

butterfly's view

fly's view

mosquito's view

spider's view

some people will think this guy is wasting the camera shooting this kinda stuff but why don't you shoot the real insects? but yeah i am stupid i try to be the insect and see how it is like to be an insect. around and bite some people and die.


sometimes i look up the sky, i can feel like the globe is rotating. where i stand and somebody is looking at the same sun. there are too much things that we cannot control, we just have to let go. how about taking our time and write down memories, or celebrate the period of time we have. some people that we wanted to be together and see each other just too far away. some of them never comes back. just like a nice pretty cloud that appears in our for once in our life.

looking up

another ending of a daily rotation

my friends : who you spend your day with today?

always wanted to spend my days with you.

do we ever stop and look what is happening around us?

my sky at redang island.

life keep moving forward.