sometimes i look up the sky, i can feel like the globe is rotating. where i stand and somebody is looking at the same sun. there are too much things that we cannot control, we just have to let go. how about taking our time and write down memories, or celebrate the period of time we have. some people that we wanted to be together and see each other just too far away. some of them never comes back. just like a nice pretty cloud that appears in our for once in our life.

looking up

another ending of a daily rotation

my friends : who you spend your day with today?

always wanted to spend my days with you.

do we ever stop and look what is happening around us?

my sky at redang island.

life keep moving forward.


Ms. Redd said...

the pictures look like they are of low resolution, or maybe its an effect or treatment u're after i suppose... but i love all your captions for this particular post.

makes one take a pause and think about life and the world around... :)


kaism said...

mm. thanks. i purposely pull the RGB to both side. so it looks like printing mistake :)

kahfai said...
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kahfai said...

nice effect ~~ i like it