gloomy day with gloomy mood. reading lots of post at maylyn's blog. kinda realize lots of stuff. feel like step back and see bad side and good side of wat's goin on everyday i passed. outside start raining and inside is freezing. like joey said i am angry kid when i was studying. they said i smile a lot these days. never been home for mother's day father's day and my parent birthday. the few second i look at the sky. it all pops up. i can't say "whatever". kak fizah told me i am 22 now, still got long way to go. but wat i get is not years, is seconds. i wanna make it good. now i realize what people been telling me when i was 8. i feel my clock is turbo charged, everyday is too short.

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joey.khor said...

fuck my dear sengkai. these are the most brilliantly mature words i've heard from you(no pun intended) ever since i first knew you. you are really starting to open yourself up into something larger than yourself. it's this thing called 'life'. now that you are aware of it, live it. this is only but a fraction. welcome aboard the ship of wisdom my dear friend.