my nephew

the first time i saw time is one month old and this shots are taken the 2nd time i saw him. my little nephew. so i am his uncle. i should go back more to see this little boy. nowdays i just like to take kids photos, wanna learn how to capture unexpected natural expression.

he is looking at my mum and my mum is trying to make him smile, he just look at her and don't smile. holding my focus for so long he just don't smile :(

the second day, another try out on baby shoot. i got sunlight now better than taking in house at night. he just trying to grap my lens.

this one is funny, sometimes they just looking around and showing this kinda face. i think i also got this kinda face in my baby photo.

it is very ramdom but i like when they just give us the one second smile and i waited some time and everybody try to make him smile.

this is the grandmother carrying the kid. i find nice to take baby crying because they just cry and it is quite easy compare with smile. whoever wanna try this just don't feed the baby then you can get it. but we do feed him la, he just cry with no reason :)

usually the photo i like the most i will put at the last one :) hope everybody enjoy.


Carrie said...

I saw that, he's also my nephew ne!
so adorable:)

kaism said...

yea, now 6 months old d.