daily . daily


ji be lor


before the 1st customer

pepsi cola

who cares?


for living & family

between rich & poor

the very slow afternoon

ayam kampung

today's food



Ms. Redd said...

i like ji be lor and ayam kampung...

maybe you could add another caption for ayam kamping..."why did the chicken cross the road"

kaism said...

haha, jules shots at pinang. i remember that 1. both ji be lor and ayam kampung is taken at muar :)

joey.khor said...

ms.redd, that's a fucking cool line for that shot. or ayam kambing bag (i'm coming back) as name of the series. haha. you know, kinda like to reminisce the times but in a light way. hahaha.

Ms. Redd said...

kaism : hahah yeahh..that one was why did por por cross the road i think

joey : hahah yes, sounds just as cool. and if you did a direct translation with it... chicken goat bag...hehe new line of Bag that perhaps could sell well in the market. hahahah

j u l i a n o h said...

this is nice...very pleasant

guys: yes mine was titled why did the poh poh cross the road

kaism said...

yeah that one like an old photo.

Chase Carr-Braint said...

so serious. overtones catching undertones- you must have a serious gift of making your position the right one at the right time...


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