time . displacement

little bit of experiment on repeating flash. it can be like a displacement of a few movement in a still. try out this to create some unseen image of faces. how do you see it?


Ms. Redd said...

wah finally.
i thought joey worked yall to death or something. haha

i heard about your new scar, nevermind now you look more macho!!

kaism said...

i m fine. thx. new scar is present from my frd. haha. now bit more macho lo. woo hoo ~

Tessy said...

why must you show your teeth for every pictures?
Terrible & Horrible.

how is your fever and your wound?

kaism said...

getting better and i'll nvr stop runnin' :P

Tessy said...

gettin better means u'r not in best condition ya.

so..plz run kfully.^^

ibah said...

woooh...thats scary adik sengkai.

but nice experiment :D