8 days in philipines

Alright, I just got back from Philippines. Still unpacking my stuff, doing laundry, rearranging stuffs. Well, my main lens auto focus doesn't work since the 1st day i reached Manila. So it is kinda fuck up for me to snap faster and get the right and sharp focus :( The last day, I went some lil shopping with Paul around Manila. Just to update lil bit here, these are the stuff I can't get in Malaysia. Lucky I got it from Manila :)

Supra NS Spring 2009 & Black Leather Converse.

Tribal Gear T Shirt from America. I kinda like the print and the finest of the graph.

Well more photos of the trip will be posted soon, not sure I will have time :)


Ms. Redd said...

woohooo...i've been eyeing on supra shoes here too..but they cost like NZD300+ ....how much u bought ur pair ler?

kaism said...

around 650 RM

iqx said...

ohooo! jaw drop!

Anonymous said...

How much the tribal shirt and what size??