red sea

Captured @ Sri Menanti Jetty Muar with manual setup ND filter

the work for living . the life of working

captured @ Bohol island Philippines 2009

sweet dispostion

A moment of beautiful . . . .

jump of happiness

This was taken at San Andreas street at Manila. Saw this 2 kids having fun on the street, somehow it's like when we were young we are having around.
1st selected shot from Philippines trip last August :)


My 2010 wish-list 1st item :)

painted sun

Usually my uploads are more towards monochromatic but it doesn't mean I can't have a colored one. Here's some treated photos during hiking. Not taken from some backyard gardens. Well I was traveling with Julian and Carol back to Muar and woke up early to catch sunrise at some a few areas in Muar last weekend. Saturday was at fishing village and Sunday we hike up a mountain at Muar we catch the morning lights and we chill on top. 2 months ago went up to Maxwell hill Taiping as well but it was much cooler back then on top and it rains like every 5-10 minutes in between, it was quite hard to shoot when their make up and dressing needs to looks good. Well I didn't post up here yet because I haven't seen any nice one. I will pick those picture that still appear good to me after I look at them after a few times. Hopefully I can do better next time :)

wubin & stephanie wedding

The Driver/Bro - Hock Liang.

With Wubin & Stephanie.