Beijing @ Night

1st night out with new photography gear.

Guilin Quick Snap

I got a couple of hours to hang around when I was in Guilin, a few quick snap :)

Panoramic @ Gui Lin, China


location : Guanzhou, China


well, I am currently in Beijing. It's been a month. First day, it snows and it snows for 2 weeks. Seriously I can't take it and it is freaking cold, hands freezing, body freezing. But when I look up the sky, furry snow flakes falls on my face and it is beautiful.

taking a break

short road trip with a few good friends :)

lina ooi

Location : Maxwell Hill Taiping
Model : Lina Ooi
Make Up : Lina Ooi

ring flash fx

Ring flash. Got it from Manila last year.

green 2 autumn

Climb up mountain and wait for the right timing. About 8am-9am we can get the rich color. Color treated in warm orange so we can get a different kinda look for it. As we know here in Malaysia we cant get this autumn look :)


kaism reel 2010

Here it is my 1st reel after 3 years working. Collective works during I was junior motion artist until I am taking lead of the team at huevisualab as art director. Also the K logo created for personal branding use for future freelance projects :)

Here's the reel.

red sea

Captured @ Sri Menanti Jetty Muar with manual setup ND filter

the work for living . the life of working

captured @ Bohol island Philippines 2009

sweet dispostion

A moment of beautiful . . . .