time . displacement

little bit of experiment on repeating flash. it can be like a displacement of a few movement in a still. try out this to create some unseen image of faces. how do you see it?

what happens in hue ( panoramic )

hue happens in hue . please click to enlarge

ok this is the shot we prepare for a magazine in korea. my assignment is to show our office so me and juls plan and shoot the environment and atmosphere in hue. please click to enlarge.

ok let's see what's happening in hue daily. let's see from the left to the right, ok.

the chill area
this is the corner where usually we have our birthday celebration, we watch astro, we make maggi and coffee, we sleep (sometimes), we make jokes and having presentation to client on the tv. seems like denise and joey like nescafe a lot, jules,fizah, dista is having some old shanghai ballroom face. very very fake de smile. cannot see zell, she is behind fizah watching tv eh. i m, mm...whatever la!

the art director area
seems like everybody is trying to kill our art director. dista is getting mad this time, foo yong our new member is kuat grabbing jules neck. munkiat, he just chill he knows this is the time he no need to do anything to let jules beaten. joey is lock in the fish tank and he can't do anything this time to save his bro. kesianya ku punya julian, gila banget team aku, kata joey sambil ketawa. me, ofcoz i m going to cook my maggi mee after the fight. buddha ain't gonna save u. woo hoo ~ so don't give us too much work la :)

the designers area
this corner is where i work la. where we try to help each other to make out the better one. still we had a lot of tension and pressure when the clients is bitching and the time is getting lesser and lesser. we shout at each other sometimes but we know that is for the best of the work. sometimes i think that why i can't do better or i can't see it, i need teammates to guide me along because i am the youngest in this club. sometimes i have a lot of hate and blaming on julian and joey. but in the end of the day is a professional habit and i just have to make a good run when i am still young.

the resources area
this is where we keep the reference book, toys owns by joey, and dvds of other design houses. but most of the resources are quite old so the best is still looking and learning tru online. joey seems to find something that everybody couldn't see, so sometimes we don't really see what he see. dista, what's wrong with the book?as you can see we still have 2 tables here which is empty. we are currently looking for 3D fighter which master in 3D Maya fighting skill. So everybody got their own fighting skill from different background. so anyone who interesting to join this club please do contact us. a few of us is reading the stock exchange bible trying to make more money. money makes the world go round, but passion can make you run out from the hell. whatever la !

material substance of male

smoke & lights

before the night

lights and form

rims & form

15 percent

45 percent

25 percent


80 & 8

my grandfather which is 80 yrs old and my nephew 8 months old. also trying to get the portrait shots for my grandfather.

playing with the kid

the true moments where both of them don't know about the camera.

the eyes that gone tru the life.

happy ah gong

default face

office on fire

5th OCTOBER - An Office on fire at kelana centre point 8th floor, it happens at around 9.45 pm at night.The crew of huevisualab found out that the fire engine arrived, they got information from the guards that there is fire on the 8th floor so they ran up from 2nd floor all the way up and see so they couldn't get closer because the smell is fucking bad. The fireman don't allow them to get closer to get more detail shots. They went down to 7th floor to discover another sad scene. The company at figure 2 (directly below the burning office was flooded with water and that part is the server room). The causes of the fire are still being investigated. For more information please stay tune at iamkaism.blogspot.com

figure 1

figure 2


try out lights and color mood :) quite boring these days, when will be another of our shooting trip ?

Chase Jarvis' NYC Photoshelter Talk

Found this in http://www.strobist.blogspot.com where usually where i read photography lighting and techniques. So this is Chase Jarvis, great sharing for photographers.

without the white frame

a shot taken last friday when i got to sit and chill outsite of my office. added foreground object. without the white frame that what i usually do this time with black letterbox.


it's been sometimes this blog was put into sleep mode. been busy for some stuff. is time to update a bit yea. this is a group of photos i took 2 yrs ago. 141205. the Indian temple near my house. Muar Johor.