kampung . kampung

never been home for 3 months, back home last week. going around and take a few shot of a place i pass by. we drive quite deep into this kampung area. there's a river and a place to eat steamboat. so this is my hometown. there is some funny thing happen during i taking shot of this. i was wearing red t-shirt and walking near the cow. it is looking at me, i was a bit scare because it may come and attack me because it is big and my friend keep making the "muuu~~" noice behind, suddenly the black bull look at us and like staring us. fuck, if the bull run over here sure attack me and i pass the camera to my friend so they shoot the pictures of me kena fuck by the bull. but it is a good experience after all.




lil . gate

calm wind

walk . jonker . walk

essence of melaka . old skool night life . jonker walk

spin & swing

mr.ringo & his guitar

sing & sing

pairs and pairs

nw & 3120

layering the lights



2 da left


e for experiment

kris . dayanti

i just finished a project. last weekend we "hueys" went to singapore for the celebration of the music video of pupil for animax worldwide channel music video. after that it has been a week of execution of the project, hope everything will be fine and nice. while waiting the render to be done, i would like to share this picture i found during the process of my project. it is a shot of kris dayanti. i just love this picture when i first saw it. beautiful. this photo was taken by davy linggar.