panoramic in china

here are some panoramic shots taken in china. October 2008. mainly stitch in PS. Some are combined by 3 and some by 5.

Shang Hai Night

Beijing Tian Tan

Beijing Tian Tan

Beijing Zhi Jin Cheng


lock sin

this is the first time i post up photos of locksin. she is now with me and she doesn't know which photo i pick to post so might be a surprise and i hope she will like it. these were shot during our time at coffee bean, with natural sun light :p

zac at sunway

Some pictures took during a day with Zac at Sunway Lagoon. Don't drop your DSLR into the water. No kidding, you will cry.

the black room

Jul just asking me about my room in black color. So I was advice not to paint my room black. You will get a lot of mosquito, you room will get really hot from time to time and you will die! But this time I really don't care anymore. Is time to get it really dark with lots of lighting. So the 4 sides and the top are dark warm Grey color. So far so good, I like the results. For those who are into black like me can give a try. Don't believe in those things man. Live today, do it now and nothing is stopping us. Nothing!

painted black DIY shelf and table, mostly cheap stuff. Table build up by 1 wide plain wood got from carpenter.

sitting on ground gives more space as the room is small.

free to arrange

chillax, books, magazine, cards, beer, etc

the other side