what if there are no colors?

Clay Master

Came across this antique and art shop in Jonker Walk Malacca. A few quick snaps of this master that has been working on it for so many year. Wife is a painter.

KL Design Week 2009 Opening

I've never post up anything about my actual job here and this is the 1st time ever. I just wanna share this because this piece is pretty much like my head banner on top *) Hue was requested a opening sequence for KL DESIGN WEEK 2009 press conference yesterday. It was an urgent job and we got very short period of time. I am quite excited about this because I have the freedom to control in creativity and art direction and it was done in 2days. Thanks to Fizah and Nas helping out some work. KLDW press conference motion piece here and there will be another version with their finalized logo around the time. Hope you guys will like this.

east west . china

This is a set of photos I got from my China trip Oct 2008. Selected 20 images. Please feel free to comments and click to enlarge for better view.