longest Buddha

this shot was taken sometimes ago...still have Gbs of raw files in my storage. think is time to re look again all the them. this was stitched with quite some photo to get this panoramic sleeping Buddha. Well it is a portrait of the god.

walking alone

well well well v02

ok..just a quick update to my photography. shits happen in my life, happened last week. well i have to accept it and let the pain fade off. well recently i was featured in a local magazine for my photography, some selected photos and some question about my photography and thoughts towards this field. thank to hooiwah and penny and the editor to give me a chance to gain exposure. i don't have the magazine with me but it is written in chinese. maybe later i'll get it a scan and post up here. the other thing i would like to share will be i had 2 photos selected out of 3 for finalist for the photography competition creative behind the lens. it is impossible to win it but i am glad to have photos being selecte. hope for better future that's coming ahead. thanks to all the friends and family that's always being supportive to me when i am having a bad time. i do appreciate all of this.

well well well v01

Well, I guess i've never updated this blog for sometimes..3 months and gap in between post was like 2 months. I'm so sorry I almost forget I've this photo blog with me. Past few months ever since CNY i was so caught up with stuff and work. So many things happen. Well Julian is in New Zealand and he is doing tattoo. I also didn't see his photo work anymore. Well I still look at photography day to day. I just hope I have more time to go around take photos and initaite photo shoot and I hope I can have new post soon :)