Manila full update.

Been busy with work ever since I am back to KL, here's the update about the 8 days in Philippines. It's been awesome traveling around alone, not tight schedule and everything was on my own which is fun and lots of ???

Well, think this is the first time I travel alone, usually with somebody because I had this thing with scouting around and explore interesting stuff with capturing not just the surface but experience the scenario than just stand aside with some photographs. This time I got around with meeting and having a nice trip.

Day 01 (Fri) reached Clark Airport at 11am then immediately take a 3-4 hours bus to Parsay City. It wasted me like 4-5 hours just to get from airport to the city so next time don't take Air Asia even it is cheap. Next round to Philippines will be Cebu Pacific :) So had a rest after the journey and meet up with Rex and Joyce for the night. Dinner at High Street then to Old Studio of Team Manila to their designer's party and had my 1st Balut (90% grown duck egg) where Julian don't eat and meet lots of great local designers, DJs, film makers, and artists. No shit DJ Caliph8 and other local can rap freestyle on the spot, no shit hardly see local Malaysian can rap like this. The night was great we had many beers and chat tru the night.

Next morning (Sat) will be the long waited Graphika Manila 09 with the big names line up especially Brand New School and ILM where it was my intention to attend GM09. Another group speakers that impressed me will be Every Where We Shoot with their strong styling and art direction for fashion and experimental work. GM 09 ends with Stefan karaoke session and with the usual celebrity autograph session. The night we went to indi band bar (Shit can't remember the name !) with Rex Joyce, Carl, Bel and Ludovic (BNS). I had bit too much alcohol that night but fuck that shit I don't have to work tomorrow man. Sunday just went around Malls and got some cabs bringing me around other city :)

4th Day trip to Bohol another island as Rex suggested to hang around. Fight reach around 10.15 morning then checked in. Meet a driver Ammon which will be riding me on bike for the next 2 days around the island. I would prefer on bike so that I can stop anywhere to snap and only 2 of us so we can control the time. Well the 1st day basically chill at the resort, nap on the beach and massage. Slept till 11pm where I missed dinner so I was fucking hungry trying to find food. Out there was pitch black but some people having like a party apparently it was Philippines basket ball team celebrating. I ask them to sell me some beer of something but invited to join them so i had a night with them and meet Glenda a girl from Switzerland with we had quite lots of conversation :)

5th Day will be 9am to 5pm all day motorbike ride around to tourist spot. Traveled more than 100km without helmet on! Went to historical churches, statues, Tersier (smallest monkey), Loboc river lunch on big boat and meet a Japanese and made friend so next round to japan should be alright to bring me around, Marmade forest, chocolate hills, special species butterfly farm, hanging bridge, big pythons and etc. Tried a lot local food and drinks too. Yeah, i got sunburn on the 1st day and evening just chillax at the beach :)

6th Day same time to other places like huge waterfalls and a gay working there after I swim sitting there waiting my pants to dry with just my under on, he asked me to show him my penis (wtf, but I was not scared anyway fuck that shit if he pull it I will fucking punch him !), underground cave, town, some other historical places, other beaches and cliffs but I was invited to Ammon house to have lunch so I said alright and we went to local fish market get the seafood that I like then his family will cook the local style to let me try. So went to their house, it is very small, wooden, 2 rooms 1 living and 1 kitchen. In that house there are 6 people staying, husband & wife with 2 kids, 1 aunt, mother in law, and grandmother. Cook with charcoal, grill squid and fish, local chicken soup and uncook squid with just vinegar. Walk around the village and meet some other neighbors but all of them speaks English and they are very friendly :) Meet Roni and Barbara (Writer/Editor - been backpacking in Asia for 6 years) during me taking photo along the coral/seaweed in front of me resort. Long chat again and had dinner together then catch up with Glenda and her friends for beers in the town then back earlier because I got early flight back to Manila the next day.

Back to Manila for last few days and visit Rex and Joyce studio INKSURGE in the afternoon then truout all night hang out with them trying local food. Visited Team Manila studio with lots of big boys toys and they have nice work and fun space with silk screen room. Can make T shirt anytime ! Also meet up with new Manila friends (Rex, Joyce, Team Manila, EEWS, and Paul), catch up before I go. Last day went out with Paul to get some photo equipments at Quiapo as he is so helpful because that place is not safe for me to go alone. Oldest city in Manila and lots of poor people, not just Quiapo but around Manila we can actually see homeless woman with a kids, family as in whole like father mother son grandfather living just right at the walk way and nobody is helping them like government don't do anything to get them a place or provide jobs. Quite sad and stressful for tourist because they are begging money and trying to take anything and sell to get money for their meal and it is not very cheap to live in city. So I got my ring flash and other stuff at other Malls thanks to Paul made my last shopping day :)

Anyway, will be uploading pictures later on to this post. Haven't got time to look tru pictures. Got another shoot later tomorrow morning. Gtg now :)

8 days in philipines

Alright, I just got back from Philippines. Still unpacking my stuff, doing laundry, rearranging stuffs. Well, my main lens auto focus doesn't work since the 1st day i reached Manila. So it is kinda fuck up for me to snap faster and get the right and sharp focus :( The last day, I went some lil shopping with Paul around Manila. Just to update lil bit here, these are the stuff I can't get in Malaysia. Lucky I got it from Manila :)

Supra NS Spring 2009 & Black Leather Converse.

Tribal Gear T Shirt from America. I kinda like the print and the finest of the graph.

Well more photos of the trip will be posted soon, not sure I will have time :)

practice 101

just got some lighting kit so did some test shoot. still lots of trying to light and learn how to direct a photo shoot. welcome comments to guide me to improve to be better :)

thank you

Yup, the result was out yesterday and i found my photos are in. Malaysia and Singapore winner. Thanks and I will continue to take more. Anyway there are some photos I really like it where they are so strong in visual and story telling. Here's the snap to make myself happy a bit :)